TREMEC Stage 1: Hunting and Gathering


This is the pretty packing it came in when it arrived. You can't see it, but the label says HEAVY. Well no duh. 100 lbs.

The supplied some hardware and a new yoke.

Look at the pretty tranny. I give it a month before its all grimy like the rest of my car.

hmmmmmmmm...... perdy.....

Here is a bunch of stuff I got new from the dealership.

More parts, but these are from Summit. I even got two new U-Joints and a Poly Tranny mount.

Master/Slave cylinders. This I got straight from the dealership. My leg is thanking me already. ;)

I got two new pedal covers, neutral safety switch, and a couple bolts for the heat shield.

This is just a few nuts and brackets.

They (a select few on the list) helped (forced me) to decide on the light (15 lb) Nodular 153 tooth flywheel for my pre '86 350. Thanks guys.

My bellhousing I went with a Lakewood. Now this was heavy, 40 lb Came with all the hardware I needed though. I hope.

The RAM Clutch kit with metal release bearing, disc, pressure plate, and clutch alignment tool.

I went with the Lakewood Heavy-duty Clutch fork.

One of the most beautiful pieces that I bought. The John Bzdel hand built clutch pedal. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

This is the bellhousing locating kit along with the adjustable pivot ball.

John Bzdel also lent me this piece that he made to line up for drilling the holes in the firewall for the master cylinder connection. He really made this easy on me.


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