Stage 3 - Interior


The center console was definitely an interesting experience. I did not quite know how to go about it until one of my friends gave me a shifter boot out of an '87 or '88 Acura or some other ricer. He told me, but I don't remember. He gave me the shifter boot and it was in kind of rough shape. I took some Son of a Gun and some elbow grease, but it turned out pretty good. I sewed by hand all of the red thread on it. It was all black, but I figured since the inside of my car has black with red highlights, the red thread should look pretty good.

After I had the shifter boot I had to figure out how I was going to attach it to the console. I found some brass at the local toy store which I thought would be strong and thin enough for my purpose. My dad helped me with this portion of it. We brazed all the corners together.

After we got the template made up I had to figure out how I was going to attach the the shifter boot to it. My dad came up with the brilliant idea of taking some clips and weld them down to the back. The shifter boot has a metal ring sewn into it. The clips hold the metal ring perfectly in the corners. I took some JB Weld to put the clips on. That stuff is awesome.

Here is the brass cleaned up a bit after we sanded the welds a bit.

Here are the clips we used to hold the shifter boot to the plate.

This picture didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would, but it gets the point across. I took some black paint and wet sanded it about 5 times to fill in as many of the imperfections as I could.

Here is my shifter boot installed in the bracket.

You can see where the clips hold on.

Since we butchered the floor a little more than we should have I took some sheet metal to make a plate to cover the hole.

I didn't like the first plate I made. It just didn't make much sense. We used it as a template and took a hole saw to make a much smaller hole.

Here is is riveted into the floor. I figure rivets will keep it clean, and when I need to do a clutch, I can just drill the rivets out real quick, lift the plate up, and go to town.

I think it turned out pretty good. Unfortunately the welds broke so we had to hot glue the plate down. I'm going to take some more hot glue and glue the whole thing down. Then I'm going to repaint it for a little cleaner job. I think I'm also going to paint the red strips back on. The stickers where in bad shape.

I'm in the process of fixing the typical console lid problems. It will be nice to have a complete interior again.

What was the most amazing thing to me was how LOUD the car was with that big hole in the floor. I took it out for a test spin, and thought the car wasn't running right. It's deafening how quite it is. All in all I think it all turned out great.