Stage 4 - Fixin'


It all started on June 20th, 2002 at 4:30am. We (Kim and I) were on our way to the NMCOA Convention in Nashville, TN. As we where leaving the house I noticed that the lights looked really dim. No big deal, I'll look into when I get to the gas station 2 miles up the road. I had just done a water pump so I figured the alternator wire came disconnected. I pulled up under a street light, popped the hood, and found the wire on top of the alternator unplugged. No big deal, plugged it in and had to push start the car to get it started again (advantages of a manual ;). At this point I figured I should let the car idle for 15-20 minutes before I drive over to the pump so I could start it again. Kim and I went in to the store for some water and other such necessities while the car charged itself. When we came back and jumped in the car I pushed the clutch in to move it over to the pump for fill up, and the clutch dropped to the floor. I knew what had happened, but I wanted to do it again, nothing but floor. Then a big puff of smoke came out the cowl. I popped the hood just to confirm my suspicion and there it was, a hole in the hydraulic line next to the header. Apparently the header just heated the plastic line up enough and the hydraulic pressure did the rest.

The only way I knew to get home was to push the car like a skateboard and slam it into gear. I'm glad this happened at 5:00am and not 5:00pm cause doing 25mph in a 55mph in this area is enough to get yourself killed if there is anyone on the road. That and I could run red lights this way. I couldn't take the chance of having to stop and get it rolling again.

I rolled it back into my dad's garage, cursed, then unpacked the Monte and loaded the truck. All that time and money to get it ready for the Convention and it take 30 minutes to unravel everything. O well, things happen and there's nothin you can do about it. We had a good time either way.

While we were at the convention I talked to a few people about my problem. Henry Helfman was a HUGE help. He told me that the '91 Camaro setup I have is exactly like the '94 Camaro setup with the exception of a braided line and the '94 setup is for a pull style clutch. When I came back I went to the dealership and asked for a '94 Camaro master/slave unit and this is what I got:

It looks like it's going to work. The nice thing is the braided line. I can route this away from my headers and since it's for a pull style there is about 6 inches extra in the line.

The masters look identical.

So do the slaves except in the '91 setup the hydraulic line come out the side and in the '94 setup the hydraulic line come out of the back.

Due to the hydraulic line coming out of the back on the '94, my slave heat shield needed some trimming and painting. (Yes I took this picture before I slammed some paint on it.) :)

Here is the picture of the hole caused by the header.

This one was much easier to install then the '91 setup. The '91 setup had that pre-formed hard plastic line. I had to remove the brake booster from the wall to get the '91 setup in there. The '94 setup I didn't have to remove anything extra. As a matter of fact, I didn't even jack the car up to do this swap.

This bracket came with the '94 setup. I just bolted it to the lip in the firewall and have about 5" between the line and the header now.